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Sports Tents

Al-Qala tents & sun shade Industry is the right choice to build a safe and cost-effective temporary or permanent indoor sports structure across the UAE. Our unique line of framed fabric structures for athletic and recreationare made from highest-quality tent materials to ensure the durability of the buildings. If you are looking for an economically viable alternative training facilities for Gym, Tennis Court or Indoor Football, Framed Fabric Tents from Al-Qala are the right solution.

Our sports structure advantages include:

  • We use corrosion resistant galvanized structural steel for Frame
  • Maximum Space for Use – Clear span design with no internal Posts
  • Wind load – Min 90 mph
  • Low Construction Cost & Maintenance
  • Fabric – 900 GSM PVC Fabric (Fire Retardant, UV Resistant, Water Proof)

Sports Tents 

The world of sports enjoys a wide variety of events and events, and one of the most important factors for its success and prosperity is providing a suitable and comfortable environment for participants and fans alike. One of the main factors that contribute to providing this environment is the use of high-quality sports tents and appropriate designs.

Selection factors

When choosing a sports tent, several factors that affect its performance and quality must be considered

Durability and construction materials: High-quality materials must be chosen to ensure they can withstand changing weather conditions

Ventilation: There must be adequate ventilation inside the tent to ensure normal air flow

Size and capacity: The appropriate size must be chosen to suit the number of participants and their various activities

Benefits of sports tents

Sports tents are not just shelter structures, but rather have a range of benefits that make them essential at sporting eventsProviding large spaces for meeting and interaction between participants and spectators

Possibility of customization according to the needs of the specific sporting event, whether large sporting competitions or small training camps

Providing effective protection from various weather factors such as sun, rain and strong winds

Different designs

Sports tents come in a variety of configurations and designs to suit the needs of every sporting event Expandable tents: They are adjustable and adjustable to provide flexible spaces according to need Camp Tents: Ideal designs for training camps and small events

Arched Tents: Provide sturdy, wind-resistant structures suitable for large competitions and long-term events

Care and maintenance

To ensure the sustainability and longevity of the tent, some care and maintenance guidelines must be followed

Store the tent in dry places away from moisture and harmful environmental factors after use

Clean the tent regularly to keep it clean and durable

Customer experience

Previous customers share their experiences and opinions on using Qala tent products at sporting events, reflecting the quality and efficiency of these products.

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