Hajj Tent

qala tent supports pilgrims in one of the most significant milestones in their religious lives–the pilgrimage to Bait Allah Al Haram.https://qalatent.com/ramadan-tent-solutions/

hajj tent Prefabricated Lavatory Units

By providing the latest in pre-fab constructions and mobile lounges,

we ensure pilgrims can expect comfortable and safe accommodations,

continuous utilities such as water and electricity, as well as personal equipment such as bags and umbrellas. In cooperation with

the Ministry of Islamic Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,

we provide the best solutions through flexible production methods

guaranteeing high-quality output in order to serve an ever-growing number of pilgrims.

hajj tent Prefabricated Lavatory Units

“qala tent ” caters to the needs of 3,000,000 pilgrims

who gather overnight on a yearly basis, easing their physically

demanding rituals. Handling a project of this magnitude is testament to

the quality products the company provides and the high-standards it upholds.

With the support of two warehouses set up in Arafat and Mecca

, “qala tent” has the capacity to meet supply, installation and maintenance of all material provided.

hajj tent Prefabricated Lavatory Units

qala tent is committed to provide products with unique services high level

by the competent authorities in Makkah Al Mukarramah in accordance with the international quality stanadards required

And apply the latest technology and best practice for

advanced environment-friendly with providing various safety

and quality standards, and implement the best solutions to

achieve the standards of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by providing high standards of safety and

security for pilgrims and follow the latest flexible procduction methods

to ensure and meet the Pilgrims needs which are constantly increasing.